Calling Time on Nuisance Calls - September 2017

In September 2017, Maryhill & Possilpark CAB had taken part in the Which? Nuisance Calls Campaign and here would like to highlight a few of the important tips and actions you need to keep fighting and report them! 

The following is a summary of some of the facts and actions about Nuisance Calls; how to stop them, how to help vulnerable family & friends or even what to do to report them - to be used as a reference point going forward;  

  • Remember to ‘Opt in’ or ‘Opt out’ - whenever you’re asked to provide your contact details make sure you look for the marketing ‘opt in’ and ‘opt out’ boxes. With ‘opt in’ you must untick the box to say you don’t want to be contacted, and with ‘opt out’ you must tick the box to say you don’t want to be contacted.
  • Talk to your phone company - a range of services can help to reduce nuisance calls. Caller display shows the number of the person calling, anonymous call rejection allows you to block calls from people who withhold their number, and call-blocking, call-diversion, or call-screening block, ‘blacklist’ or filter nuisance calls to a junk mailbox. Use your voicemail to screen calls, or dial 1471 to identify who called you.
  • Go ex-directory - this makes it harder for businesses to obtain your phone number.
  • Register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) - this is a free service to opt out of receiving unsolicited sales or marketing calls. You can register a landline or mobile number at or by calling 0345 070 0707. Mobile users can also register by texting ‘TPS’ and their email address to 85095.
  • Consider a call blocking device - you can buy a device to attach to your phone, or get a phone with one built in. See here for Which? product reviews for call blockers:
  • Dealing with spam text messages - if you get a text from an unknown company send it to your network operator by forwarding the message to 7726.

There are various services you can use if you want more information on how to handle nuisance calls; 

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