SCAM Awareness Month - July 2017

Scams Awareness Month July 2017. Find out more by visiting the Citizens Advice Scotland website.

Scams Awareness Month is an annual campaign bringing together organisations and consumers across the country to take a united stand against scams and fraud which affect millions of people each year.

This can be a topic that can affect anyone from any community.  No one is exempt from being scammed and this is why it is crucial everyone should be made aware of the resources in place to help those affected.  The following links will give more information regarding Scams and what to do next;


How to spot a scam

How to report a scam

Is it a scam or a rip-off?

Types of Scams

Citizens Advice Scotland


Common Scams

How to spot a scam

How to report a scam 

Top tips to avoid online scams

If you are unsure of a Scam and want some advice, Visit us at our Drop-in Tuesday & Thursday