Scam Awareness Month 2018

The annual Scams Awareness Month campaign is back! Throughout June Citizens Advice Scotland will be working alongside the bureaux network and partners such as Police Scotland, Trading Standards Scotland and Age Scotland to educate consumers on the importance of recognising, reporting and discussing scams.

This years' campaign launches on Friday 1st June and begins on Monday 4th June - Friday 29th June. 

Many people have been the victim of scams over the years, leaving financial consequences or distress and misery being the outcomes many have to contend with. The rising issue that has come along side scams is the under-reporting and lack of knowledge on how to do so. This is why Citizens Advice Scotland in connection with many high profile organisations are trying to encourage those that have been caught up in scams to speak out and share their story in the hope that it will help others to not fall into the same traps and be more #scamaware. 

Follow our social media channels Facebook and Twitter: @GNWCAB for updates, links, tips and tricks on how you can notice and report scams you may encounter, which will hopefully lead to increased awareness and knowledge of scams.