NHS Project

Our NHS Project is in partnership and funded by Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS and is provided at outreaches across three health centres in the North West Area of Glasgow. 

The project funds advisers to provide crucial advice to a range of residents in the community who have been referred by their GP or valid health professional with issues related to, but not limited to; Debt, Money Worries, Benefits, Housing and Immigration.  Clients referred can range from low income families, families with young or disabled children to mental health patients or clients with other health related issues.

With the running of this project it allows for our trained Advisers to provide our free and confidential advice service through health centres to people that may not highlight themselves as needing assistance. With the process of being referred through a health professional, they can identify the signs of some of the above issues and direct them to us to provide crucial advice, alleviating stress which can lead to mental health issues and other health problems, the project should have a positive impact on the health of clients.

This project is provided at 3 health centres in our surrounding area, including;

Maryhill Health Centre
Possilpark Health Centre
Woodside Health Centre