Tackling Money Worries

Tackling Money Worries is funded by the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) and seeks to improve health inequalities among patients, within low-income families with children under eight or with a disability, in six GP practices in Possilpark by tackling financial burdens.  

Possilpark has been identified for this project , compared to Glasgow as a whole, as it has a high percentage of residents who are unemployed or in lower income occupations, with one in four working age residents claiming out of work benefits. Higher than average rates of poor health have also been identified in Possilpark: the rate of alcohol attributable deaths, smoking attributable deaths and first psychiatric hospital admissions are all twice the Scottish average, and the rate of cancer attributable deaths is 35% above the Scottish average. There are also higher than average levels of child poverty and childhood disability. 

The project allows for Money Advice Workers to move between the GP practices, meeting with clients who have had a GP or Health Visitors referral into our service. Home visits are also available, under particular circumstances. These provisions increase the uptake rate and ensure that the project is accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of circumstance.

We provide both one-to-one and group sessions to develop the financial skills and knowledge of families, helping them gain more control over their finances and prepare for paid employment. The sessions consist of budgeting and money management skills, banking information, affordable credit and savings information. 

As well as the community directly benefiting from the reduction in financial inequality that the project provides, we aim to reduce health inequalities in two main ways;

Firstly, in offering a dedicated money advice clinic, the project should decrease the amount of consultations with GPs that are primarily driven by financial problems, allowing them to respond more effectively to other issues;
Secondly, by alleviating stress caused by financial worries, which can lead to mental health issues and other health problems, the project should have a positive impact on the health of clients.

There are currently 1,950 families on the GPs’ registers who are eligible for participation in this project, and we aim to assist 75% of them through the sessions. 

The location of this project is across 6 surgeries in Possilpark Health Centre, including;

Balmore Surgery
Dr Alguero Surgery
Keppoch Medical Centre
Allander Surgery
Health Visitors

SLAB Report

SLAB Report

Maryhill & Possilpark’s Tackling Money Worries Project has successfully demonstrated the value of advice services linked to and co-located with primary health care. Read our SLAB Report for more information on the successful work the project is carrying out!