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Take a look inside our service and hear from those on the ground about the work that we do and the projects that are a crucial life line to those in our communities.

Watch our Staff, Volunteers and Clients take the limelight to share their thoughts on our service and how it has benefited so many.

GNWCAB Volunteer's Journey

Take a look at the people that make our service what it is, without our wonderful volunteers and our training programme we would not have the resources to help clients on the scale that we do.

Get the scoop on what our training programme offers and what it is like volunteers for the GNWCAB.

Working with GNWCAB

Find out what our staff love about being part of such and impacting and crucial organisation like Citizens Advice.

Without our staff and volunteers our service would not be able to run the way it does - so massive round of applause to them all!

Client's GNWCAB Experience

Our service provides free, confidential and impartial advice to communities across the North West of Glasgow. See how much our services have an impact on our clients and what it means to have it in their local area!

Client's GNWCAB Journey

See what work goes into making our Client's Journey through the GNWCAB Service the best possible journey for them to get all the information, support and solutions that they need to get on track.

Welcome to Possilpark Library - GNWCAB

Learn more about our fantastic Possilpark Adviser and Outreach and how it may benefit your area providing a more convenient and accessible location for our extended advice service.

GNWCAB Health Team Project

Our Health Team Project are based throughout Health Centres in the North West of Glasgow helping clients with an array of issues such as benefit claims, financial worries and budgeting, housing and utilities, hardship and grant applications etc.

Find out what our Team does and the strengths and achievements this project has brought to the service.

GNWCAB Food Development Initiative

We have partnered up with Woodlands Community Cafe to provide an advice outreach project within their community cafe as well as create links and resources for the wider community of the North West of Glasgow and Glasgow Central.
This project has lead to other opportunities for our service and building up relationships and links to work together to end food poverty for those in our local communities and throughout the city.

GNWCAB Equalities Project

One of our longest running projects, Our Equalities Team! Providing advice and support to a range of BAME communities throughout Glasgow as well as providing our service with a fantastic volunteer programme that we are proud to have!

GNWCAB Tribunal Service

As well as our Advice and Support our clients are able to utilise our Tribunal Service, which offers guidance through tribunal appeals for unfair benefit decisions leading to maximisation of income and providing clients with peace of mind.

Meet Our GNWCAB Board

Our board has grown from strength to strength with skills and experience that has benefited our Bureau Service in many ways. See what our Board have to say about their experience being part of the service, what attracted them and why they enjoy it!