On this page you will find information on housing issues that may arise.

From where to go to find a place to live and what options you have to what you can do if you have problems in your neighbourhood.


I am interested in finding a place to live and wondering what my options are?

Whether you need emergency accommodation or want to rent or buy a property, you will find help by clicking here or on the following relevant topics;

Emergency accommodation

Renting a property

Buying a property

I have got problems in my area with neighbours what can I do?

To deal with some of the problems that you may be facing in the place you live, click on the following areas that may apply, such as neighbour disputes, antisocial behaviour or other issues within your local area, please see here

Could I get information on how to sort on my mortgage, as I am worried I may go into debt?

If you’re having trouble with your mortgage then click here to find out more

Additional Resources

Other resources that will help you get the information about housing;

GHA Homefinder - If you are looking for a home then this is a resource that lets you search areas of Glasgow to see what is available through GHA.

NG Homes - Provide housing and support services to tenants and owners in the Springburn, Balornock, Possilpark and Parkhouse areas of North Glasgow.

Shelter - Offering you housing advice, from homelessness to home owner, they are able to assist everyone.

Online Benefit Applications and Information

Housing Benefit - Apply here

Council Tax