On this page you will find information on debt issues you may come up against and how you can deal with them.

From options on how to deal with multiple debts, bankruptcy or missed mortgage payments, you will find the information you need to answer your debt related questions.


I am looking for more information on bankruptcy and if it is the best path for me to take?

Here you will find more information about bankruptcy and how or when it can happen.

I have got myself into multiple debts, what are my options?

Find more information about your options for dealing with debt.

I have missed payments on my mortgage and in risk of losing my home – what are my options?

Find information here on how to sort out mortgage problems and avoid eviction or repossession.

Additional resources

Other resources that will help you get the information about dealing with debts;

Accountant in Bankruptcy – Scotland’s insolvency service

National Debtline - Free debt advice by phone and online to people across the UK.

The Money Advice Service – Free and Impartial money advice