Volunteer Week 2021- Arthur's* Story

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  • Volunteer Week 2021- Arthur's* Story

Everyday during Volunteer Week, we highlighted volunteers on our social media, and the incredible contributions they make to our organisation.


Arthur's* Story:

Arthur started volunteering at GNWCAB in 2005, 6 months after retiring. "I was in a management type role, bound by policies, and wanted to get back to working with people. Citizens Advice fit the bill,"

Starting as a generalist adviser, meaning he gave generalist advice on a wide range of topics, Arthur very quickly built up a lot of knowledge. When representative training was offered, he took it up and started working on benefit appeals, establishing the role he has today.

"I like it because I'm dealing with one person and you get to follow the case all the way through and it's very rewarding. When a client is in desperate circumstances and you're a small part of them getting what they deserve, it's a tremendous reward."

One of Arthur's proudest moments has been being able to tell a client who couldn't afford Christmas presents that they now could, without the need to go through the appeal process.

In the years Arthur has been with the bureau, he has seen the projects and people of the bureau diversify. "I love the fact that it's all races and all people, most everyone I've met has been warm, friendly and helpful."

"I like the banter, at the start it kept me going. I like the challenge of the appeal, it works the brain. Every case is individual."

"It's helped me get through Covid. It meant I wasn't as isolated as I could have been, (GNW)CAB gave me a mobile phone and the capacity to work remotely."

*name has been changed to protect anonymity.